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The Basics of Earning More Profits from Ads on Your Website

The Basics of Earning More Profits from Ads on Your Website
Ads on Your Website

There are so many of those services who advertise that they can produce insanely high traffic numbers for just a little cash. Rule number one is to avoid those traffic services like the plague. The only way those sites stay in business is due to the constant flow of online marketers who want to try it just once. 

All of those visitors are software robots that go to your site, and they appear as visitors on your hit counters and web stats. So hopefully you see that it is all just a scam, and there is no real value other than making you feel like your site is not converting well. 

You will be needing to get real people on your site for all the obvious reasons. Using one of these programs, you will see “thousands” of visitors in your stats, but they won’t be human visitors – as simple as that. Be careful as to what keywords you choose for your search engine optimization, because getting organic traffic is something you can’t miss out on. 

Always test your ads and be very sure you do not show too many on your site. It is difficult to tell you what to do since we do not know about your site, but we can say the smartest course of action is testing your ads. One thing you want to avoid is a mismatch between your content and the kind of traffic you rank for. 

What’s important is that you get into the head of your potential visitor, and understand what kind of keywords he/she might using to search. A good keyword tool that is free is what Google offers in their Adwords interface.

Avoid getting sucked into the idea of blasting ads all over your site. However, since you don’t have all the space in the world to put ads, you should make the most out of your website by going for quality ads that are performing well. The best results will only occur after tracking your ads and measuring conversion rates.

If you take the time to test intelligently, then you will eventually find the winning combination that will bring you good results.

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