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Best Marketing Suggestions for Your Franchise in 2022

Best Marketing Suggestions for Your Franchise in 2022

There isn’t a single aspect of your new franchise that’s more important than the others. Conversely, there’s nothing that’s less important so you’re doing a great disservice to yourself and your new business if you put marketing off “for another day”. To get the profit up you need to generate buzz. Here are some great tips to help you tackle your marketing from various angles.

The Website 

In some cases, you’ll be tied into a corporate site when you buy into a franchise and you don’t have to operate one on your own. There is some benefit to launching your own website however and if you’re not covered by the corporate umbrella, you should do so.

The primary benefit to having your own franchise website is that you’ll gain a lot more relevancy on a local level when it comes to search and indexing the content. When local users try to look up your products and services you have a much better chance of appearing on page 1 and in the local map listings when you have a life website.

Social Media 

You should aim to open social media accounts, including launching a business page on Facebook. Once you have the profiles up you can start sharing relevant and informative content with your followers. These social accounts will also give you the opportunity to reach out and engage your target audience. Not only can you hold their interest and keep them coming back with relevant content but you can listen and learn about what things they would like to see in your business.


If you don’t have a website yet, that’s ok. You don’t need a website to start blogging. There are dozens of free platforms for you to start sharing information related to your franchise. Launching a pizza franchise? Share tips on making the perfect sauce at home. Opening a sandal franchise? Make a blog post on the top 5 local beaches and lakeside relaxation spots. As long as you’re sharing relevant content you can keep people coming back for more.

Youtube Videos 

Youtube Videos are an amazing way to build buzz for your business. Not sure how effective they are? You’ve been watching commercials likely your whole life. An online video for your business is no different, but it costs almost nothing to produce on your own. Create informative, funny, interesting videos and you can get people interested in your product or service.

Give Back  

When you launch your franchise, do it by partnering up with another popular and existing business. Do some community outreach and take part in local events. Putting yourself out among the public before or during your launch not only boosts your visibility but it also improves your credibility.

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